The lamp speaks

So, I’m the reflective lamp, if you haven’t guessed. I’m not always reflective, but when I am, I love for lamps to be nearby. Usually dusty, giving off a low light, with a nice shade of a rich colour. Holding its head tall above a beautiful, ornate base with engravings and old etchings from long past. I’ve described my favourite lamp. The word lamp is ugly. L A M P. It makes me think of dirty dish towels being wrung dry or slapped against the side of a building. Probably because it sounds like damp, which is also an ugly word. As Anne of Green Gables would say, “There’s no meaning in a name like that!”

What word would I give in place of lamp? I would choose light. I love light and lighting of many forms. My husband loves to have balanced lighting in a room. I love that about him. He loves atmosphere as much as I do. Atmosphere affects our mood in a big way. When our lighting is perfect and balanced, and the room is clean, there’s not much that can be done to better that feeling. Except a nice, long, meaningful chat. That tops it off. Oh, and coffee or some other hot drink. That helps make it perfect.

My life is not perfect. I have great days and bad days and you name it days. This lamp…or should I say…light…gets tired and almost burns out. I always get back up. I keep going. My light gets brighter and then it dims. Life does that to my light. Life. The tragic, untimely death of my husband’s one year old cousin has definitely dimmed my light. I can’t imagine the grief of the baby’s mom and dad. Their light must feel snuffed out. Forever. How can life ever be bright again after such pain? Somehow, it will. It will happen gradually for them, but it will happen. Their lives will become bright again, after the storm that is raging right now has been calmed by the One Who Is Not Seen.

Jesus, be near the brokenhearted. Keep their lights burning. Though dim…You said we just need faith the size of a mustard seed. Apparently mustard seeds are tiny. Well, please give strength to their tiny faith, as well as mine. I want to learn how to be full of faith beyond my own comprehension, especially in hard times. What is faith if it never gets used? I want my light to be bright with faith, love, kindness and warmth. May you all have a warm night, little lights. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The lamp speaks

  1. “What is faith if it never gets used?”, wow. What a statement! Great post. Thanks for sharing! My heart saddens for this couple and family and I’ll be praying for them.


  2. You’re right about “lamp”. It’s entirely too abrupt a word. I love your thoughts on light. There are so many scripture passages on the subject. Many are simply beautiful. Keep writing 💛


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