My Review of Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas


Not everyone will love this film. It really is meant for a specific audience. Me? I related to it. Probably because half of my relatives have decided not to celebrate Christmas anymore based on religious reasons. And they’re Christians. So…I’ve been heartbroken about it for several years. Not that Christmas was ever celebrated in a big way in my childhood. It always had a shadow of gloom over it, because someone in my family would only see what was wrong with it.

This movie isn’t really a movie. I don’t really know what to call it. It’s not done like a documentary, but it doesn’t have a real story line like a movie. So…I guess I’ll call it a Christmas Explanation of Festivities and Traditions Using Humor and Back Story. Okay, so that’s a long title. The film opens with Kirk Cameron talking about what he loves about Christmas. I was like, oh my gosh! He’s just like me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Christmas. Everything about it! To me, everything about it is significant, and Kirk Cameron’s movie shows the meaning behind the tree, the lights, the music, the nativity, Santa Claus, and even the Nutcracker.

Now, if my family members that don’t celebrate Christmas see this movie…I know that they’ll just say that he’s misguided and he just doesn’t know what they know. There is no changing of people’s minds. It makes me so sad! I see the beauty and meaning in the whole season, just like Kirk Cameron. His brother-in-law in the film finds something wrong with everything about Christmas and won’t even attend the party in his own house. He doesn’t realize that his actions don’t affect just him, but his whole family.

If we can’t celebrate Christmas together…a huge event that most Christians look forward to with joyous anticipation…where most churches do a Christmas play or a night of singing carols, where they give boxes to the less fortunate, they do Meals on Wheels for the needy, they send gifts around the world to children who wouldn’t have Christmas otherwise…if we can’t celebrate this wondrous holiday together anymore, it’s just extremely, extremely sad. It puts a damper on the whole season.

Here’s where I have to decide to move on. To let go. To choose not to care anymore that half my family won’t celebrate. It’s hard to do and I struggle with that every year. I ask why it has to be such a big deal. Why does my family tend to choose legalism over joyous celebration? Why can’t it just be a carefree, lighthearted, fun time? Why does it have to be clouded with judgment and long, complicated historical diatribes full of um…BS?? That’s right, BS. I said BS. Because it is. Some of the information that has been given to me to read about Christmas and its “pagan” origins is the craziest stuff I’ve ever read. Written by some crazy people who draw the weirdest conclusions from connecting dots that just aren’t there. Like, would you ever think that Nimrod would have anything to do with Christmas? Yeah, me neither. Because he doesn’t!!

I don’t want to be hateful. It just saddens me so much that some in my family believe this stuff. It breaks my heart because I want unity in our family. I don’t want division, especially over something as wonderful as Christmas!

I can’t seem to let go very well on this one. Probably because I freaking love Christmas. I love everything about it and I don’t want to be ashamed of it or feel that I have to subdue those excited feelings from spilling over into conversations that I have with my family! I don’t want to feel like I have to hide my pretty decorations from their view lest I offend them. I’ve come to the point where I…don’t care if I offend people by just being me and decorating for a holiday that I want to observe.

So…back to the movie/documentary. I am glad I saw it. Although there were a few corny moments (what Christmas movie doesn’t have corn??) I love the meaning and significance that Kirk Cameron brings out in every little thing about Christmas. It was refreshing! It was joyous! I left feeling lighthearted and full of joy. Although I wish my entire family would join me in this, I’m still going to celebrate with all my heart. I’m not going to be ashamed anymore. I’m going to love it and pass on traditions to my daughter. I already have several I can’t wait to do with her! Making gingerbread men, making Christmas ornaments, going caroling, putting up the tree while playing Christmas music, watching Christmas movies while snuggling on the couch, teaching her about the meaning of the Nativity (so beautiful!!!), and going to look at Christmas lights!

For now, I’m thankful for my family and the times we do have together. I pray that each of them has the joy of the Lord. I don’t want us to feel like we have to obey a million different rules in order to be saved. One of my family members was talking about another family member who ate pork. I said, “It’s not a sin to eat pork,” to which she replied without skipping a beat, “Yes, it is.”ย  I said, “What about Peter’s vision?” and she said that it wasn’t even about that at all and I needed to read it again. At that point I stopped talking. There’s no convincing anyone of anything. People really do see what they want to see!

I hope I can bring the same joy and unity to my family that was shown in the film. I appreciate Kirk Cameron for making this movie. His target is very familiar to me. I related to it, I laughed, and I found myself appreciating anew the true meaning of Christmas.

So I probably shouldn’t have written so candidly. But it isn’t anything I haven’t said to my family already, so what is there to lose? So if you don’t have plans on December 25th, you are welcome at my house! Where there will be warmth, light, happiness, Christmas cheer, a Christmas tree, and possibly, if I can pull it off, a piecaken!!! It’s a pie…IN a cake!! Something tells me that if I can conquer a piecaken, I can conquer anything! ๐Ÿ™‚


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