Ferguson Protestors: What Are You Trying To Prove?

Uh, when the people on “your side” are rioting in the streets, nonsensically burning random cars and buildings, stealing, and harming innocent people, I think it’s time to wake up. I don’t think aligning yourself with these kinds of people (animals might be a better term) would be the best choice.

MLK Quote





Here’s the deal.

A split-second decision on the part of a police officer is what this boils down to. There is no way to know if it was “racist”. There is no way to prove that and there never will be. It certainly doesn’t justify rioting and acting like fools. If you take what the man himself said in his own defense, that he was doing his job to the best of his ability…what more can you hope to be said on the matter?

How long are you going to speculate about whether or not he did the right thing? Wasn’t that for the jury to decide? What’s more, how can you be so confident about which “side” you should be taking on the matter? Were you there?!?!

There were conflicting testimonies of the actual event from actual witnesses. In the end, you can choose a side, but you cannot be so confident that your side is completely right. Because NONE OF US WERE THERE.

It was a lightening-fast exchange between an officer and a young man, who just happened to be disobeying the officer’s orders. Hmmm…

So, here we have thugs rioting in various cities across the nation. What point are they proving? That Michael Brown’s side is full of thugs who will stop at nothing to damage public property, hurt innocent people, and generally act like animals. Is it just me or does that make Darren Wilson look even better?

If you think the jury’s decision was wrong, that’s fine. You can think that. However, don’t call these crazy riots “protests”, when they are just some thugs’ excuse to wreck havoc and take out their misguided anger on anything in their way.

Good luck winning whatever battle it is that you’re fighting. The battle for racial equality? Hmmm, already done. MLK fought that one, last I checked, and there’s really not racial inequality in our nation anymore. If anything, it’s the other way around now. So..is the battle to prove Michael Brown’s innocence? Because if it is, it’s so not working. The riots are just proving what kind of young man he may have been. Angry. Restless. Out to get into trouble.

I don’t know that for a fact though. Who knows!! We weren’t there! For all I know, Michael Brown was great. But given the fact that he repeatedly defied the officer’s orders…I’d say he at least wasn’t a stand-up citizen. If you’re going to defy an officer over jay-walking, uh, I think there’s an authority problem, at least.

Regardless of my opinion, or your opinion, I get that a young man died, unarmed, at an officer’s hands. I believe there are times when that is completely uncalled for! However, there are also times when it IS called for. And it’s not always going to be easy for people to tell who is right. That’s why we have a jury.

Let the jury’s decision be the final say. Let it alone. What’s done is done. This rioting, looting and violence just proves that we have some dangerous animals in our society. And it would be good to arm ourselves. Just in case something like this comes knocking at our hometown’s door.


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