Just thump me in the head

I need somebody standing over me, thumping me in the head when it hits 10pm, telling me it’s time to go to bed! I just won’t go. It just doesn’t happen. Til like, way too late. Yeah, I’m tired. Very, very tired.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My eyes are heavy.

I’m feeling the melatonin course through my veins.

It’s been another long, fulfilling day. Full of Olive giggles, smiles, laughing, tantrums.

Like how I added that last part? Yeah, she’s a stinker.

I love her.

I love my sister and nephew. They came over today and it was nice.


I love the people in my life. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I love how this intentional love thing is changing my heart and my relationships. I love that my husband and I talk about deep things…all the time. And this has made it even better.

I love that my sister and I can talk about ANYTHING.

I love that tomorrow is NEW YEAR’S EVE! Because it’s another magical night, just like Christmas Eve, but for totally different reasons.

I love New Year’s Resolutions!

I have many goals. I have many aspirations! I want to reach high, always. I want to stay idealistic. I don’t want to be bitter. Never bitter. God help me overcome all possible bitterness and cynicism!

Adam and I were talking about how we associate old age with crankiness/negativity/bitterness. But I said, you know, age really has NOTHING to do with it. People CHOOSE to be negative and bitter, no matter what their age…and we’ve noticed it happening to people around us, including ourselves!!

It’s easy to let hard times and circumstances make you bitter. Bitter that you were hurt. Bitter that life is unfair. Bitter that you didn’t get what you wanted…or needed. Bitter that people you loved have died.

I’ve been bitter. I’ve been resentful. I see it, and I want it all gone.

You know what makes it go away?



Focusing on others, their needs and intentionally making them happy.

And GRATITUDE. Lots of it!!!

So when I get old, I don’t want to be negative, bitter and cynical. I want to be JOLLY.

I like that word. Jolly. It just makes me want to start laughing! I want to be full of joy, that is always with me, no matter what I’m going through or how I feel.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. Have you heard that? It truly is. Only His joy can bring us through, and stay with us, deep down inside, while storms rage around us.

So, as I head to bed (finally!) I pray that His joy will fill you up and overflow out of you.

Happy Tuesday night. 🙂


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