New Year pic

The title to this post is way more excited about today than I am. The picture I chose is more in line with my mood. Real. Drab. Cracks in the road, up close and in your face.

I’ve decided to take my lofty twelve New Year’s Resolutions down to just a few. And they’re in my head and I haven’t even written them down yet. But here they are:

1. Make time with God a priority.

2. Show love intentionally to those around me.

3. Lose 30 lbs (always on my list, more or less!)

4. Eat veggies with at least two meals a day.

5. No sugar in any form for the next 30 days…which will hopefully kick the habit and I’ll only eat it as an occasional treat. (Hardest. Goal. Ever.)

6. Exercise every day, even if I don’t make it to the gym.

I think that’s pretty much it. I had way more, and it was a long list. I still want to do all of those things, but this list is more realistic, although still idealistic enough to make me try harder in each of these areas.

So the first day of 2015 is almost over. There was nothing spectacular about it. My husband was off work, so that was nice. I love him and his presence is always comforting. 🙂 I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with, so that sucked. But it finally went away around 3pm.

I was more reflective yesterday…about 2014 and all that we have been through.

Honestly, I’m glad to see it go. The only things I wish I could hold onto are the times with Olive, because she’s growing up so fast, and it’s slipping between my fingers!

She had her feet in my face tonight, little stinker, all restless trying to get comfy in the bed for Nite Nite, and I just kissed them and looked at them and thought of how tiny they used to be!

She’s still a tiny girl. But she’s changed alot. And her feet are bigger and her voice is articulating words and she’s understanding SO MUCH, and she plays so sweetly with her little stuffed animals and loves on them. The cuteness is unbearable!

I love being her Mama.

This New Year is already pleasant. It’s already beautiful. Love surrounds me, joy fills me, and I will make it through the tough times if and when they come.

Although I said I am glad to see 2014 go, I am thankful that God brought us through, and that He was there for us during the dark times and the happy times.

Who knows what 2015 holds! But it’s in His hands, and He knows best, whatever happens.

So, New Year, I embrace you, slowly. I’ve been through the last year, and it’s now a part of me. But you will be, too. In this New Year, I will change, things will change, people will get older, pass away, be born, and life will generally go on. I embrace the beauty of the continuity of life, with fresh goals and a fresh outlook.

Working on the fresh outlook, of course, but that takes continual practice. Changing the way you view life is not easy. But I want to look at life through rose-colored glasses. Yes, you read that right. I want to, on purpose! see the world through eyes that behold beauty and goodness.

There will always be hate and discord and negativity. And there are times for us to get involved and have opinions about…ugly things. But as for our everyday lives and our general outlook on the world:

I want to see with eyes of faith.

Faith that God is good no matter what happens. That He knows what’s going on and He will take care of us. In His way.

I want to see with eyes that attach beauty to things that aren’t thought beautiful.

Like, going for a walk on an ordinary day…a day that’s humid and a bit too warm and you hear sirens in the distance that annoy you. But you find beauty anyway. In the fact that you’re walking and not short of breath or having a hard time, physically. In the fact that your toddler is happy, pointing at trees and talking. There’s beauty in the sky, the trees, the dirt (yes, the dirt, there are rocks and sticks and leaves and toddlers love to grab these and talk about them and throw them at you).

There is beauty all around.

Let us not forget that our Creator made this world beautiful, for us. Let’s enjoy it this year.

Get outside.

Be active.

Love the simple things.

Your life is amazing, priceless and invaluable. And there’s only one YOU.

So I hope that YOU will have a wonderful 2015. Filled with real life…that you choose to love and appreciate.

Happy New Year.


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