So I saw this article today that claimed that this “trick” would help you fall asleep within a minute. Hmmm. Okay then. So I tried it. You inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. I did notice that it helped my body relax. But go to sleep? No. I tried it again and again. I felt it slow my heart rate down. I felt it relax me. But sleep didn’t come.

It’s okay.

I know it’s because I pushed past my initial sleepiness (around 11pm) to write up a menu plan for next week.

It’s Wednesday, and next week is still days away. But I thought, hey, I’ll be productive!

Do you have a menu plan that works?

I don’t.

I never menu plan. It seems too annoying and overwhelming to plan everything out. But I’ve only ever half-heartedly done it. I haven’t put alot of thought into it before…and planned using ingredients I already have while making a list of the things I don’t.

So, we’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m excited that I wrote it all out and I’m going to put it on my fridge…to make it official.

New Year’s Resolutions come along and mix everything up. They motivate you to change the way you do life…and that can be unsettling.

It’s good though. Because everything has settled, by year’s end. Settled into a groove, or a rut, more likely. You have a routine, more or less, and have developed (or continued) bad habits.

New Year’s is a time to change all that and become this awesome person you want to be.

Then, two days into the new year, you find yourself eating tablespoons of peanut butter on the couch while you binge on Netflix episodes of Friends. (Did you know they have the whole series on there now?? I apologize in advance for your endless sitting and weight gain)

Couch Potato

And you wonder why you haven’t miraculously changed and you haven’t already accomplished all of your lofty goals.

Hmmm. Maybe this is just me. No…I’ll just say this is a hypothetical you. You being me. See what I just did? 😉 I crack myself up at 1:30am.

Well, I want to move past the binging (on media or food or anything else…) and make realistic, simple goals that I can actually meet. I’ve taken some steps, and it feels good.

One step. One teeny, tiny step, is progress. So I’ll keep taking little steps.

Here’s to my unsettling, or a better word that I found is a synonym: disquieting.    I love that one. I want to be ever changing and growing. I don’t want to stay the same old way, when that way is self-destructive or unfulfilling. I want upheaval, and I want a clean slate, in many ways.

I love…LOVE…getting a brand new notebook and sitting down to the first, blank sheet of lovely, clean paper. Is there anything better? The possibilities!

Just think of the possibilities that could fill your notebook of life.

What do you want to write?


2 thoughts on “Unsettling

  1. You crack me up as well! Lol

    I have a notebook sitting in my couch. It’s brand new and cute and says “Believe”. I want to use it to write down my goals for this new year. I haven’t even opened it yet. Lol my first goal should be to write a goal down! Haha

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