Old Soul

Our culture. (Shakin my head with pursed lips) Well, as a conservative, it makes me sad. I don’t like what is seen as normal and accepted nowadays. I’m really an Old Soul. Or I like to think so. Perhaps I romanticize too much. Oh, there’s no Perhaps about it. I know I do.

I’m an Idealist. Always have been. I see things the way I think they should be. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation.

I define Old Soul as someone who loves simple, old-fashioned things, such as a hand-written letter…in calligraphy pen, no less. Or someone who collects old books, just because someone wrote something to someone else inside it…75 years ago (that’s me). An Old Soul appreciates the romance of a cold, overcast, windy day. She feels the painful cold and turns it into warmth, thinking of other cold days when she walked hand-in-hand with a lover. She recalls an exciting night when she was a teenager, when the anticipation of that evening’s event was all that filled up her soul, and she didn’t even think of the cold. Because of her excitement, she loved everything! Everything, even the cold. Because from then on, she would always remember it and recall the pleasant feelings surrounding it.

Am I making any sense? Well, if you’re an Old Soul, you’ll understand. You will get it, no problem. Because you are from the Race That Knows Joseph. You are a Kindred Spirit. You are, in essence, Anne Shirley. With an “E”.

Oh, that there were more Anne Shirley’s in the world. I am Anne, for sure. I think my friends would agree. They laugh at me affectionately. Maybe they’re a bit like Diana…they love me for my Anne-ness, although they can’t quite muster up the capability to be like Anne themselves.

But that’s okay. There have to be all sorts of people in the world. To make it…the world. I suppose if everyone agreed with us, it would be rather bland and boring. Or awesome.

But then, I’m not always like Anne. I don’t always find the romance in a situation. I get caught up in negativity…and Anne would never do that! Well, I take that back. She did have her one “Jonah Day”. I’ve had many!

Maybe a book character isn’t the best person to base your life goal’s on. But Anne was pretty near perfect (despite her temper). She was whimsical, found good in everyone and in every situation (in the end), and ambitious. She worked hard, worked through college, and went on to marry the man of her dreams and have five (or was it six?) children.

I think to be like Anne is a great life goal. If only to just appreciate and love the simple things. To keep a sense of humor (that maybe no one will understand unless they are from the Race That Knows Joseph). To love passionately. To care deeply.

Tonight, it’s very, very cold outside. The space heaters are humming. Olive is sleeping soundly, sprawled out in Mama and Daddy’s big bed. Adam is snoozing on the couch. And I am writing. Ah! Another similarity to Anne! I love writing. I want to write and write, about things I love. Hopefully one day I’ll be this super disciplined person, and I’ll write a fictional novel full of amazing characters who fight beasts and conquer evil…or maybe I’ll write a novel about regular people. Because really, they’re so funny.

The possibilities!

I love that I am finally embracing creativity again. It’s refreshing. For so long, I was like this numb person…going to work endlessly. Working too hard, too much, too many hours. Never getting to actually enjoy my life. Although a part of me misses the accomplishment I felt when I worked hard and was able to…accomplish things. I felt more…important? Housework and being a wife and mom can tend to feel…less than. But it isn’t. It really isn’t!!

I cannot express my intense gratitude to God and to my husband, for making this current life situation of stay-at-home mommy-hood…possible! Even if it ends up being short-lived (for who knows the future…and finances are…interesting), I am so, so happy that I have this time.

I’m going to be an Old Soul as often as I can, and embrace my inner Anne Shirley, unashamedly.

One of my favorite quotes, “Smell them, Marilla! Drink them in!” That just makes me smile. Anne had, of course, stopped to pick flowers on her walk home. Her intense joy in the little things is something I have always related to.

Here’s to drinking in flowers, you Kindred Spirits. And anytime you want to pop over for tea, I would love to see you! Just maybe call first because I’m usually in Long Johns lately.

Anne wouldn’t wear Long Johns!

Oh my.

I’m going to have to re-think everything.




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