Bio: I am Joanna. Expressive and introverted, longing for transparency in others and being misunderstood when I'm transparent, wanting change in the world and wanting things to be the way they used to be. I'm seemingly a walking contradiction, but not really. We all have many layers. Every experience from childhood to present shapes our perspectives and affects how we act and react with life. Here are a few pieces of my life. My thoughts, my many opinions, my prejudices (hopefully very few), my loves, my hates, my experiences or lack of experience. Some days I feel poetic and flowy, others I feel very straight-forward and opinionated. You'll see both on my blog. I hope you enjoy what you read and leave a little note and share the post if you like it! My goal? To be authentic. To care. To say things that need to be said, but to remember that love and kindness are always more important than being right.

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