Life Is Good.

I highly anticipate things. I play out how they’re going to go, which is something I think we all do.

So I had the doctor’s appt I was nervous about. I finally saw the GI doctor and got his opinion on my pancreas.

I do have chronic pancreatitis, and he doesn’t know why. He thinks it was caused by the gallbladder attacks I had for over a year and finally did something about. He said I must be able to handle alot of pain, and because of that, he thinks it caused pancreatitis from the already present gallbladder disease. Adam laughed when I told him that, and I reminded him of the fact that I made it through most of my labor without meds. It’s kinda nice to always be able to bring that up like the badge of honor it is. *Snicker* (Side note: Just because I stub my toe and complain about it for two hours doesn’t mean Adam has the right to laugh about my pain tolerance.)

Anyway, the doctor said that cysts can be reabsorbed by the body, which means…they can go away! But he did say that if they haven’t gone away within a six month time frame, they usually don’t go away. He also said that it was good news that it’s the same size it was when he drained it last April. So it hasn’t grown. He said that it didn’t “grow back” after he drained it. Rather, it was still there, although the hope was to collapse it through that procedure. It didn’t collapse, but probably filled right back up with fluid. He then went on to tell me that I could have a surgery to poke a hole in it and let it drain into my stomach. You can imagine my instant grimace. He said if I had it removed, I would probably also lose my spleen. They don’t like to operate on the pancreas, because it’s risky.

So, I asked him my most important question. Is it safe for me to get pregnant. He said yes. He said that usually nothing is done about pancreatic cysts unless they’re symptomatic and causing alot of pain, nausea and problems in general. I do feel that I can live with it at this point, because while I do experience discomfort (pain and nausea and some other issues), it’s not all the time and it’s been WAY less since I started this new diet. I should say lifestyle. Because I really can’t imagine going back to the way I used to eat.

Trim Healthy Mama is worth it. It’s so cool and so simple. I can eat everything! Just not all at the same time. And no sugar. No white potatoes. NOTHING that spikes your blood sugar. It has made a noticeable difference in my energy. Not that I was eating copious amounts of sugar before…but I would always eat too much of a carb source in one sitting. Like white rice. Or too many “Paleo” muffins that were sweetened with maple syrup or coconut sugar. So I thought I was doing pretty good, but in reality I was spiking my blood sugar all the time, which meant that my energy levels went through alot of ups and downs.

I’m more steady now. My energy level stays the same for most of the day, with natural tiredness that doesn’t come from what I’ve eaten. It feels so much better.

I am still dealing with fibromyalgia flare ups. Which is weird to me. I’m not convinced that’s what it is, but that’s the probable diagnosis I was given. If it is, I have hope that the symptoms will subside completely, once I’ve been doing this low-glycemic diet for a while longer. I have read stories of women with fibromyalgia who were symptom-free after only a few months on Trim Healthy Mama. Now, that gives me hope!

I’m still doing the Magnesium “elixir” drink prescribed to me by the herbalist (it’s just ACV and Milk of Magnesia mixed together. Somehow the vinegar unlocks the magnesium. And you mix it in lots of water, so it’s not so bad) and I’m taking daily Epsom salt baths. I love my baths. It makes me slow down and relax. I’ve actually gotten to the point where I know when I need one. My body kinda tells me.

I love working hard. I love getting things done. I don’t like when things slow me down. All these health problems have tried to slow me down, but I look at them as mere speed bumps, because they are not going to control my life. I will be healthy. I will be okay. And I’m healthier now, in terms of what I eat and how low-stress my life is, than I have been in years…or ever.

Yes, I live with chronic “pancreatitis”, they say. But I’m convinced it won’t be forever. Low-glycemic eating can only help my pancreas, that’s for sure, and I’m hoping with the diet and lots of ginger tea and low-stress living, the overall inflammation in my body will go down. Autoimmune disease is where the body is attacking itself. I have Psoriasis, which is autoimmune. The GI doctor wants to run tests checking for autoimmunity being the cause of the pancreatitis, because he said it was concerning that I would have such a large cyst like that, signalling chronic inflammation. He said eating certain foods did not cause it to happen. Just that a low-fat diet will help to not aggravate it.

Well, we shall see. I fear that this blog has become more of a journal, and I didn’t really want that. But at the same time, I wanted a place where I could be transparent about myself. Because I long for transparency in others and in the world around me. So, you’re reading about my health issues, because that is part of me. And I won’t suffer in silence and fear. I am actually, at this point, not afraid. I feel that my trust in God is stronger than ever, because He’s brought me through some tough times, and shown that He is ever faithful. My life is happier and more fulfilling than ever. And I can’t begin to express my deep, deep gratitude for that.

Sometimes it takes the deepest darkness to make you appreciate all of the light. I am so thankful for the light that is my life right now!!

So, as I make decisions on whether to do the medical tests the doctor recommended, I have peace. I’m totally calm and not freaking out. Which is awesome. I don’t feel that this has taken over my life. I feel that I’ve gotten to a place where it is much more manageable. I’m seriously so thankful for the life God has blessed me with. My wonderful little girl. I can’t believe she’ll be TWO soon. And my husband and our marriage. And my sister and her love and support. Always steadfast and there for me. And the sweet ladies that surround me, that I feel are a part of my life now for a good reason.

I truly feel fulfilled. For the first time in my life, I’m fulfilled. There is always something to be done, and something to complain about, and something that I want “changed”. But for now, there are no major things that I want changed! I’m…happy! I love being a mom. Olive’s little toes and sweet smile and cute voice never, ever get old. And Adam’s hugs and kisses never cease to comfort and excite me.

Life is vibrant. It has many colors and seasons. I am loving this season. And I need sleep, so I’m going to bed. Sorry I was so rambly this time. Next time I’ll write about something important. I’ve got plans. 😉

CAM00095Life has gotten so much better since this picture was taken!


Old Soul

Our culture. (Shakin my head with pursed lips) Well, as a conservative, it makes me sad. I don’t like what is seen as normal and accepted nowadays. I’m really an Old Soul. Or I like to think so. Perhaps I romanticize too much. Oh, there’s no Perhaps about it. I know I do.

I’m an Idealist. Always have been. I see things the way I think they should be. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation.

I define Old Soul as someone who loves simple, old-fashioned things, such as a hand-written letter…in calligraphy pen, no less. Or someone who collects old books, just because someone wrote something to someone else inside it…75 years ago (that’s me). An Old Soul appreciates the romance of a cold, overcast, windy day. She feels the painful cold and turns it into warmth, thinking of other cold days when she walked hand-in-hand with a lover. She recalls an exciting night when she was a teenager, when the anticipation of that evening’s event was all that filled up her soul, and she didn’t even think of the cold. Because of her excitement, she loved everything! Everything, even the cold. Because from then on, she would always remember it and recall the pleasant feelings surrounding it.

Am I making any sense? Well, if you’re an Old Soul, you’ll understand. You will get it, no problem. Because you are from the Race That Knows Joseph. You are a Kindred Spirit. You are, in essence, Anne Shirley. With an “E”.

Oh, that there were more Anne Shirley’s in the world. I am Anne, for sure. I think my friends would agree. They laugh at me affectionately. Maybe they’re a bit like Diana…they love me for my Anne-ness, although they can’t quite muster up the capability to be like Anne themselves.

But that’s okay. There have to be all sorts of people in the world. To make it…the world. I suppose if everyone agreed with us, it would be rather bland and boring. Or awesome.

But then, I’m not always like Anne. I don’t always find the romance in a situation. I get caught up in negativity…and Anne would never do that! Well, I take that back. She did have her one “Jonah Day”. I’ve had many!

Maybe a book character isn’t the best person to base your life goal’s on. But Anne was pretty near perfect (despite her temper). She was whimsical, found good in everyone and in every situation (in the end), and ambitious. She worked hard, worked through college, and went on to marry the man of her dreams and have five (or was it six?) children.

I think to be like Anne is a great life goal. If only to just appreciate and love the simple things. To keep a sense of humor (that maybe no one will understand unless they are from the Race That Knows Joseph). To love passionately. To care deeply.

Tonight, it’s very, very cold outside. The space heaters are humming. Olive is sleeping soundly, sprawled out in Mama and Daddy’s big bed. Adam is snoozing on the couch. And I am writing. Ah! Another similarity to Anne! I love writing. I want to write and write, about things I love. Hopefully one day I’ll be this super disciplined person, and I’ll write a fictional novel full of amazing characters who fight beasts and conquer evil…or maybe I’ll write a novel about regular people. Because really, they’re so funny.

The possibilities!

I love that I am finally embracing creativity again. It’s refreshing. For so long, I was like this numb person…going to work endlessly. Working too hard, too much, too many hours. Never getting to actually enjoy my life. Although a part of me misses the accomplishment I felt when I worked hard and was able to…accomplish things. I felt more…important? Housework and being a wife and mom can tend to feel…less than. But it isn’t. It really isn’t!!

I cannot express my intense gratitude to God and to my husband, for making this current life situation of stay-at-home mommy-hood…possible! Even if it ends up being short-lived (for who knows the future…and finances are…interesting), I am so, so happy that I have this time.

I’m going to be an Old Soul as often as I can, and embrace my inner Anne Shirley, unashamedly.

One of my favorite quotes, “Smell them, Marilla! Drink them in!” That just makes me smile. Anne had, of course, stopped to pick flowers on her walk home. Her intense joy in the little things is something I have always related to.

Here’s to drinking in flowers, you Kindred Spirits. And anytime you want to pop over for tea, I would love to see you! Just maybe call first because I’m usually in Long Johns lately.

Anne wouldn’t wear Long Johns!

Oh my.

I’m going to have to re-think everything.




So I saw this article today that claimed that this “trick” would help you fall asleep within a minute. Hmmm. Okay then. So I tried it. You inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. I did notice that it helped my body relax. But go to sleep? No. I tried it again and again. I felt it slow my heart rate down. I felt it relax me. But sleep didn’t come.

It’s okay.

I know it’s because I pushed past my initial sleepiness (around 11pm) to write up a menu plan for next week.

It’s Wednesday, and next week is still days away. But I thought, hey, I’ll be productive!

Do you have a menu plan that works?

I don’t.

I never menu plan. It seems too annoying and overwhelming to plan everything out. But I’ve only ever half-heartedly done it. I haven’t put alot of thought into it before…and planned using ingredients I already have while making a list of the things I don’t.

So, we’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m excited that I wrote it all out and I’m going to put it on my fridge…to make it official.

New Year’s Resolutions come along and mix everything up. They motivate you to change the way you do life…and that can be unsettling.

It’s good though. Because everything has settled, by year’s end. Settled into a groove, or a rut, more likely. You have a routine, more or less, and have developed (or continued) bad habits.

New Year’s is a time to change all that and become this awesome person you want to be.

Then, two days into the new year, you find yourself eating tablespoons of peanut butter on the couch while you binge on Netflix episodes of Friends. (Did you know they have the whole series on there now?? I apologize in advance for your endless sitting and weight gain)

Couch Potato

And you wonder why you haven’t miraculously changed and you haven’t already accomplished all of your lofty goals.

Hmmm. Maybe this is just me. No…I’ll just say this is a hypothetical you. You being me. See what I just did? 😉 I crack myself up at 1:30am.

Well, I want to move past the binging (on media or food or anything else…) and make realistic, simple goals that I can actually meet. I’ve taken some steps, and it feels good.

One step. One teeny, tiny step, is progress. So I’ll keep taking little steps.

Here’s to my unsettling, or a better word that I found is a synonym: disquieting.    I love that one. I want to be ever changing and growing. I don’t want to stay the same old way, when that way is self-destructive or unfulfilling. I want upheaval, and I want a clean slate, in many ways.

I love…LOVE…getting a brand new notebook and sitting down to the first, blank sheet of lovely, clean paper. Is there anything better? The possibilities!

Just think of the possibilities that could fill your notebook of life.

What do you want to write?


New Year pic

The title to this post is way more excited about today than I am. The picture I chose is more in line with my mood. Real. Drab. Cracks in the road, up close and in your face.

I’ve decided to take my lofty twelve New Year’s Resolutions down to just a few. And they’re in my head and I haven’t even written them down yet. But here they are:

1. Make time with God a priority.

2. Show love intentionally to those around me.

3. Lose 30 lbs (always on my list, more or less!)

4. Eat veggies with at least two meals a day.

5. No sugar in any form for the next 30 days…which will hopefully kick the habit and I’ll only eat it as an occasional treat. (Hardest. Goal. Ever.)

6. Exercise every day, even if I don’t make it to the gym.

I think that’s pretty much it. I had way more, and it was a long list. I still want to do all of those things, but this list is more realistic, although still idealistic enough to make me try harder in each of these areas.

So the first day of 2015 is almost over. There was nothing spectacular about it. My husband was off work, so that was nice. I love him and his presence is always comforting. 🙂 I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with, so that sucked. But it finally went away around 3pm.

I was more reflective yesterday…about 2014 and all that we have been through.

Honestly, I’m glad to see it go. The only things I wish I could hold onto are the times with Olive, because she’s growing up so fast, and it’s slipping between my fingers!

She had her feet in my face tonight, little stinker, all restless trying to get comfy in the bed for Nite Nite, and I just kissed them and looked at them and thought of how tiny they used to be!

She’s still a tiny girl. But she’s changed alot. And her feet are bigger and her voice is articulating words and she’s understanding SO MUCH, and she plays so sweetly with her little stuffed animals and loves on them. The cuteness is unbearable!

I love being her Mama.

This New Year is already pleasant. It’s already beautiful. Love surrounds me, joy fills me, and I will make it through the tough times if and when they come.

Although I said I am glad to see 2014 go, I am thankful that God brought us through, and that He was there for us during the dark times and the happy times.

Who knows what 2015 holds! But it’s in His hands, and He knows best, whatever happens.

So, New Year, I embrace you, slowly. I’ve been through the last year, and it’s now a part of me. But you will be, too. In this New Year, I will change, things will change, people will get older, pass away, be born, and life will generally go on. I embrace the beauty of the continuity of life, with fresh goals and a fresh outlook.

Working on the fresh outlook, of course, but that takes continual practice. Changing the way you view life is not easy. But I want to look at life through rose-colored glasses. Yes, you read that right. I want to, on purpose! see the world through eyes that behold beauty and goodness.

There will always be hate and discord and negativity. And there are times for us to get involved and have opinions about…ugly things. But as for our everyday lives and our general outlook on the world:

I want to see with eyes of faith.

Faith that God is good no matter what happens. That He knows what’s going on and He will take care of us. In His way.

I want to see with eyes that attach beauty to things that aren’t thought beautiful.

Like, going for a walk on an ordinary day…a day that’s humid and a bit too warm and you hear sirens in the distance that annoy you. But you find beauty anyway. In the fact that you’re walking and not short of breath or having a hard time, physically. In the fact that your toddler is happy, pointing at trees and talking. There’s beauty in the sky, the trees, the dirt (yes, the dirt, there are rocks and sticks and leaves and toddlers love to grab these and talk about them and throw them at you).

There is beauty all around.

Let us not forget that our Creator made this world beautiful, for us. Let’s enjoy it this year.

Get outside.

Be active.

Love the simple things.

Your life is amazing, priceless and invaluable. And there’s only one YOU.

So I hope that YOU will have a wonderful 2015. Filled with real life…that you choose to love and appreciate.

Happy New Year.

Just thump me in the head

I need somebody standing over me, thumping me in the head when it hits 10pm, telling me it’s time to go to bed! I just won’t go. It just doesn’t happen. Til like, way too late. Yeah, I’m tired. Very, very tired.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My eyes are heavy.

I’m feeling the melatonin course through my veins.

It’s been another long, fulfilling day. Full of Olive giggles, smiles, laughing, tantrums.

Like how I added that last part? Yeah, she’s a stinker.

I love her.

I love my sister and nephew. They came over today and it was nice.


I love the people in my life. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I love how this intentional love thing is changing my heart and my relationships. I love that my husband and I talk about deep things…all the time. And this has made it even better.

I love that my sister and I can talk about ANYTHING.

I love that tomorrow is NEW YEAR’S EVE! Because it’s another magical night, just like Christmas Eve, but for totally different reasons.

I love New Year’s Resolutions!

I have many goals. I have many aspirations! I want to reach high, always. I want to stay idealistic. I don’t want to be bitter. Never bitter. God help me overcome all possible bitterness and cynicism!

Adam and I were talking about how we associate old age with crankiness/negativity/bitterness. But I said, you know, age really has NOTHING to do with it. People CHOOSE to be negative and bitter, no matter what their age…and we’ve noticed it happening to people around us, including ourselves!!

It’s easy to let hard times and circumstances make you bitter. Bitter that you were hurt. Bitter that life is unfair. Bitter that you didn’t get what you wanted…or needed. Bitter that people you loved have died.

I’ve been bitter. I’ve been resentful. I see it, and I want it all gone.

You know what makes it go away?



Focusing on others, their needs and intentionally making them happy.

And GRATITUDE. Lots of it!!!

So when I get old, I don’t want to be negative, bitter and cynical. I want to be JOLLY.

I like that word. Jolly. It just makes me want to start laughing! I want to be full of joy, that is always with me, no matter what I’m going through or how I feel.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. Have you heard that? It truly is. Only His joy can bring us through, and stay with us, deep down inside, while storms rage around us.

So, as I head to bed (finally!) I pray that His joy will fill you up and overflow out of you.

Happy Tuesday night. 🙂

After Christmas

The tree lingers. Gives off the feeling that it shouldn’t be lit because Christmas is over, yet I light it anyway. I find myself ready to take it down. I like having full view out of my front window and the tree’s been blocking it since mid-November. But it’s been a lovely tree, with lovely lights and ornaments and ribbon. I’ve enjoyed the pretty-ness to the fullest. And the meaning behind it…an evergreen tree representing everlasting life…and knowing that Christ hung and died on a tree…makes it beautiful beyond words.

Christmas is beautiful. Throughout December, I’ve been thinking about the First Christmas. Of course it wasn’t called that. But Jesus’ birth did happen (regardless of the actual date), and when it did, God thought it’d be cool to get shepherds to come celebrate His birth. Those shepherds were the first people to make a party out of Jesus’ birth. They came to worship Him, a small, tiny newborn baby.

Then I think of the utter humility of the whole event. Have you ever thought that God didn’t have to send His Son in such a way? He could have arrived with pomp and circumstance. He could have come down from the sky in an obvious “I’m God” kind of way. But no. That way wasn’t good enough.

God thought the absolute best way to send His Son was to allow a virgin to conceive, without ever being with a man. The most humble way imaginable. Can you imagine what her family thought? Would she have had to deal with being disgraced? I would think that the majority of people didn’t believe her story. And there was Joseph, the man she was to marry, and he had his own doubts about her. Thankfully God appeared to him in a dream and told him it was okay!

And did you know that Nazareth was considered a crappy place to live back then? Remember one of Jesus’ disciples saying “Nothing good comes out of Nazareth.” And Mary lived in Nazareth. So God chose a simple virgin who was a nobody, who lived in a despised town, to be the mother of the Savior.

And the way Jesus was born! The humble stable, smelling of animal filth, I’m sure. No room for them in the inn. And the beauty of Him being born as a tiny baby, completely dependent on His mother. Have you ever thought that Jesus was breastfed? But He was…He was a normal, tiny baby…and can you imagine Mary’s feelings?? To know that you’re nursing…God?? And that He has become human form and is dependent on you for physical nourishment?

It must have been completely mind-blowing for Mary. And overwhelming. And beautiful. To know that the baby you’ve just delivered is the Savior, who will save you from your sins.

He didn’t have to come that way. As a baby, helpless and yes, humble. Weak. Unable to do anything for Himself. The beauty of this story is indescribable.

It wasn’t enough that Jesus was born in a stable and laid in a manger. God wanted someone to celebrate it! And of all the people on earth at that time, He chose shepherds, whom, in that day, were considered filthy, lowly peasants. He chose them above kings to be the first to see His Son on earth, and to worship Him.

As a new mother (still considering myself new at this, although Olive will be two in February!), I can’t help feeling so connected with Mary. I remember my beautiful, helpless baby, needing so much from me. And I readily gave it!

Being “just a mom” is a humble role in our society. I don’t “do” anything for a living. But I do a humble, seemingly thankless, very necessary job. It’s the meanest of tasks, just caring for a young one. The simplest of things, making sure they’re bathed, fed, happy, taught right from wrong. But God showed us how important moms are, with how He sent His Son. He elevated “mother” to the highest, most important human role. He gave honor to Mary and to all moms, by showing that the humblest ways are the highest.

He didn’t have to do that! But He “resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble.” And Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be your servant.”

So, He didn’t need kings and a big show to come to earth. He needed the lowliest, filthiest, humble nobodies, to be the means through which He gave us the first Christmas gift, His Son. I gladly celebrate His birth. Just as the shepherds did. Just as the Wise Men later did. I am in awe at the ways of our God. I am so grateful, because He came to earth with one purpose: to be the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity. And me. He did it for me.

It’s after Christmas now. The main event has come and gone. But in my heart, it’s Christmas all year long!. I will honor Christmas in my heart year-round, knowing the beauty of the First Gift, and the First Christmas. That holy and silent night. What beauty came to quietly, so simply, soo…harshly, through childbirth. Crude, painful, laborious childbirth.

He makes all things beautiful, doesn’t He.




Intentional Love

Disclaimer: Let me just say that I do not do everything right. If I give that impression at all, it surely isn’t meant.

Intentional Love pic

I was challenged this week to be intentional with my love. I feel like it’s been a lightbulb moment for me. I don’t usually “try” in my relationships. I live and let live. I meander along. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Or in this case, if it could use some work…since said work would be annoying and I don’t want to deal with anything unpleasant…I’ll just float along and let my relationships take the natural course they should. On their own. As if I don’t really have a part in them.

I’ve just realized that that is quite the head-in-the-sand way to live. To think that I should intentionally show people that I love them. I guess I’ve just never thought I should have to? Or that they just knew I loved them and it wasn’t necessary to always be doing something for them? That they understood that I was busy, that I was stressed, that I had way too much to do, and I couldn’t be expected to put myself out on their account. Sounds super selfish, right?


It’s uncomfortable to self-evaluate. You find all sorts of ugly things about yourself. But you know what’s amazing about it? God’s grace. And then…you actually get excited about all the things you plan to intentionally do for the people in your life.

To give without expecting anything in return. It’s easy to have a conditional love mindset in our relationships. If someone we love hurts us, well, that’s it. We’re going to put a wall up and make them pay in some way. Either with silent treatment, drifting away from them by not calling, avoiding them at all costs. You name it. We punish. And when we’re not punishing, we’re acting like we don’t care at all, which doesn’t help matters.

Then there are the times when we actually do become vulnerable enough to express to them how they hurt us. If they respond in a way we don’t like, we’re even more upset than we would have been. The problem is that we just don’t forgive.

We don’t forgive.

We think we do, if the issue is swept under the rug, even forgotten if enough time has past.

But you always remember it. You always bring it up in an argument, or at least think about “that time when…” and the person you love has no chance.

No chance to become different when we think them always the same.

No chance to move on because we just won’t forgive.

Are you like that?

Do you only love conditionally?

Well, I’ve been this way in nearly every relationship of my life. I don’t like that I’ve been this way. God is working in my heart and character and He is making me a new creation.

To unconditionally love, like He loves. It means giving and not expecting reciprocation. You know the only reason that’s hard to do? Because our foremost thought is, “What’s in it for me?” It’s all about Number One.

That has to change for true fulfillment to take place!

I have to love, love, love. No matter HOW someone treats me in return. If they hurt me, my response should be humble, loving, kind. (I’m totally not talking about physical abuse. If somebody hits you, punch them back in the face. For real! Okay, so maybe that doesn’t go along with “Turn the other cheek”…but just defend yourself and get away from them. End of story!)

So, I want to intentionally love. To do for others and not be constantly thinking about my own needs that “aren’t being met”.

I have a wonderful husband who loves me in alot of ways. Instead of focusing on the ways I want him to show me love that he isn’t…I should thank God for my amazing husband, and ask myself and God, “What can I do for him that shows him I love and value and respect him?”

That has been my week. I’ve been focusing on that, and I’ve been excited to do it! It’s been fun! To give without expecting him to do something for me, just as good or better. No expectations, no strings attached.

This is just a tiny, tiny glimpse of the love that God has for us. Because God did something that was very unfair to Him. He sent Jesus to die for us. So unfair for Him, so perfect and holy and beautiful, to come and die for us in such an ugly, disgraceful way. He didn’t have to do that. He did it for us out of His unconditional love for us.


If we can be like Him even a little bit, the world will be a better place.

So, I made some lists. I need to make a few more. I listed ways to show love to certain people in my life. Some of Adam’s were: Make his favorite meal, DON’T COMPLAIN (because it totally stresses him out when I do), and Greet him lovingly each day. These were just a few. I want to make it a point to intentionally love him and everyone else around me. I know I won’t always succeed. Frankly, life happens. I’m not trying to be a Stepford Wife. But if I can just keep intentional, unconditional love at the forefront of my mind, I think the results may end up being pretty awesome.

What are some ways you could show intentional love to the people in your life?