Do What Makes You Feel Beautiful

So you know that you secretly cherish the hope that one day Stacey London will find you and give you a $5000 gift card to spend on a shopping spree in NYC! You’ve imagined your reaction, mingled with surprise and embarrassment and lots of sappy tears. But since that won’t happen for 99.9% of us, we’re left to take matters into our own hands. Plus, do you really think you could ever forgive the person that nominated you?? I just don’t know…

Most women today are hurried and worried and stressed. Putting ourselves last is the name of the game and martyrdom isn’t becoming. I’ll be honest: I looked like total crap most of the time when I was working fulltime. I would get up, do the bare minimum to look presentable, and rush off to work. Then I’d rush to the gym after work. Then I’d come home, shower, and sit. And eat. And then I had a baby, and I’d skip the gym (membership ran out), rush home to take care of her, and eventually shower…at some point.

My appearance suffered because it wasn’t important. All of these other more important things and people filled my life, and justifiably, I let myself go. For several years. I didn’t do things to make myself feel beautiful, except occasionally. This may sound like you.

If you find yourself sitting on the toilet, staring down at your toenail paint that’s been chipping off for months…or staring at your crazy, unkempt hair and your leftover eye makeup in the mirror first thing in the morning…this is for you.

You are beautiful. Even with the chipped toenail paint, and the wild hair and unwashed face. You are beautiful, even with those extra pounds. Because you gained them while you were caring about everybody and everything else, except you.

But if you’ll decide today, to do just one thing every day, to make yourself feel pretty, I promise you that you will feel better about yourself.

Stop hating yourself for having that extra weight. Love yourself. Stop being so very hard on yourself about not meeting all of your expectations. You’re meeting the ones that matter, because your family is cared for, your job is done every day, and the well-oiled machine of your life somehow keeps running.

Let go of those expectations for a few moments every day. Paint those toenails a pretty new color. Fix your hair the way you like it. Put on lipstick. Take a selfie, or a million. Just don’t post them all to facebook all the time. One or two occasionally is fine. Tip: Angle the camera up and angle your head down, and you’ll achieve the no-double-chin look. You’re welcome.

The point is: women actually have a need to feel beautiful. All I know is, when I feel beautiful, I am far more confident. I can take on the world with the bubbly attitude that I want to. I can conquer my to-do list with gusto. When I have on eyeliner and mascara, look out! I’m feelin good, and I just might try to conquer you while I’m at it. πŸ˜‰

Remember Esther in the Bible? Well, I think we forget that she spent an entire year being pampered and doing spa treatments and preparing for the king. Believe me, your husband will be loving it. And if he doesn’t notice, it’s his loss, and you can still feel good about yourself anyway.

So tomorrow morning, get up and decide to do one thing that makes you feel beautiful. Love yourself. Pamper yourself. If that means a long bath after the kids are in bed, do it. Pour some Epsom Salt in there while you’re at it. It helps sore muscles and promotes magnesium absorption (which most Americans are deficient in). Just had to throw that in there. πŸ˜‰

Do it. Whether you feel like it or not. Whether you’re just going to be home all day with kids, or working all day, or pulling an all-nighter to cram for an exam…it doesn’t matter. You matter. You’re worth the effort. Invest in yourself.

Now, the next time you see me and I look like crap, don’t be judging me. I may have painted my toenails and you just can’t see it because I’m wearing close-toed shoes. I may be feeling all kinds of confident because I know my toes are so pretty. This may or may not be my attempt to excuse myself from looking amazing all the time.

So, whatever one thing you need to do to feel beautiful, just purpose today to make it happen. You are the one who will benefit the most. While you’re at it, your confidence will be attractive to those around you. Your smile will be more engaging. You will be able to make eye contact with ease. It’s totally worth it.



2 thoughts on “Do What Makes You Feel Beautiful

    1. Ah! I love you! But don’t do it because then you’ll have allergy issues!! 😦 I’m sure there’s SOME kind of organic, awesome mascara that won’t bother you. We just have to find it!


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